‘Logan’ in Black & White

Logan has already cemented itself as one of the best Superhero movies created. Fans will be delighted to hear the news that director James Managold announced the hit movie will be re-released in black & white for one night only on May 16th. Since its initial release on March 3rd of this year, Logan has grossed over $600 million worldwide making it one of the highest grossing movies of this year.

Luciano Vecchio’s Origin of Love steals our Hearts

Queer artist Luciano Vecchio created this fantastic story of inspiration and hope. It’s called, The Origin Of Love and it’s… So good!

Vecchio wrote on his Tumblr

Last week I read the anthology Love Is Love, published by DC Comics and IDW, an homage to the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting.

I didn’t dare asking to participate when Marc Andreyko made an open call for creators. But after reading it, and seeing the DC characters there (which I didn’t expect), I kept thinking what would I have done, and I was inspired to do this short story. Couldn’t help myself actually.
It falls utterly and unashamedly under the category of fan fiction. My first ever.

And to expand on the meta commentary, given the hostile world we live in, as a queer author and activist I think mainstream comics still could use higher profile queer superheroes, tied to their most visible franchises, that are queer super activists alongside the ones that do add to minority representation but sometimes just “happen to be queer”. Of course, as a Wonderfan I think one tied to the Wonder Woman franchise would be just perfect.

Actress Carrie Fisher Suffered a Heart Attack, is in Critical Condition


Today Carrie Fisher suffered from a cardiac arrest while flying from London to Los Angeles. At this time, she is in critical condition.

The incident occurred 15 minutes before the plane landed in Los Angeles. A flight attendant asked if there were any medical personnel on board and an EMT who was sitting in the back of the plane came up to help.

Sending her positive vibes.

Wonder Woman Dropped as UN Ambassador

Almost two months ago, Wonder Woman was made a United Nations honorary ambassador. Lynda Carter, Gal Godot and other guests were there to celebrate this wonderful honor. However, some folks didn’t like that the Amazing Amazon received this praise. So, over 40,000 people signed an online petition asking UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to drop Wonder Woman.

In the petition, these concerned people wrote:

“Although the original creators may have intended Wonder Woman to represent a strong and independent ‘warrior’ woman with a feminist message, the reality is that the character’s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit.”

You can tell that these protesters were not comic book readers, but anywho, the United Nations decided to revoke Diana as an ambassador. Now, there are some parts of the petition that make sense. Yes, there should be a real life woman to represent being a champion for all women. However, the very essence of Wonder Woman is very inspiring and encouraging to many people.

Wonder Woman stands for is truth, justice and equality. It is the very core of the character. I wished these protesters looked further than her costume, because if they did, maybe they would’ve seen the hero and the icon she has been for the 75 years.

This is so unfortunate.

Check Out the New X-Men Teams and Leaders

Well, well!

We have news on who will be in the new X-Men comic reboot. Coming in Spring ’17, we will see the ‘Ressurxion’ of the ’90s style: X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue teams.

Below are the members, for X-Men Gold: Storm, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Colossus, Rachel Grey under the new codename, Prestige. Kitty Pryde is the team leader!


X-Men Blue: Beast, Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, and Jean Grey. Jean will lead the group, with Magneto as a mentor.


Here’s more from IGN

X-Men: Gold will be written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Ardian Syaf. The phase-shifting Kitty Pryde at long-last will become an X-Men team leader, whose squad includes Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Rachel Grey.

“Kitty is the right person to bring the X-Men into the future, to herald in the next era of the X-Men,” Guggenheim told us in a phone interview. “We are post the war with the Inhumans. The X-Men are sort of at a crossroads. They’re at a point where they are trying to decide, is there a future for the X-Men? And Kitty is very much of the mindset that there is a future for the X-Men and it’s a bright future. That there’s more work that the X-Men still have to do. Not just for mutants, but really for humanity. What Kitty’s leadership does from a storytelling perspective is that it really positions the book for its mission statement, which is we really want to tell stories that get back to the idea of just the X-Men as superheroes. Not all of the stories that we’re doing are based on mutants or the problems of mutants or the conflict with the Inhumans. It’s very much a team superhero book.”

Storm is the current leader of the main X-Men team in Extraordinary X-Men, and while this may seem like a demotion of sorts, it turns out that it’s actually her idea for Kitty to be the new leader. Inhumans vs. X-Men will have some big shake-ups that set up Gold and Blue, and that’s where we’ll be looking to find out Storm’s reasoning for passing the baton to Kitty.

Guggenheim is best known as co-showrunner and writer on The CW’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow and previously worked on the adjectiveless X-Men book in 2014 featuring an all-female cast of characters. Syaf worked for years as a DC-exclusive artist, launching The New 52 Batgirl series with writer Gail Simone, drawing an arc of Green Lantern Corps, and doing work on various other DC comics. He has dabbled in the X-Men once before when he drew X-Men: Manifest Destiny – Nightcrawler #1.

While details on the book’s story are minimal, we know that Kitty will be returning from her adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy to help the X-Men rebound after their war with the Inhumans. The first big threat they will face will be a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with members that Guggenheim says ought to surprise readers.

I’m excited for this, especially since Rachel is back on the team!