Mister Sinister will appear in Wolverine 3


Interesting news today about the next Wolverine we didn’t ask for. According Cinema Blend, Mister Sinister will be making his first appearance in Wolverine 3.

We got a little taste of him in the X-Men: Apocalypse’s end credits, seeing his real name Essex attached to a briefcase. In the audio commentary featuring Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer, it was confirmed that he will be featured. But what will Mister S be doing in Wolverine’s film? Well, there’s a lot actually. He could be creating new mutants, another Wolverine, Cable or something all together different… Which scares me.

Anywho, Essex is coming aboard the X-franchise. And with his track record, all hell will break loose!

Ben Affleck teases Deathstroke

This morning Ben Affleck drop this tweet

The character is Deathstroke, one of DC’s deadliest foes. Deathstroke has been around for over 30 years and he’s truly a force to be reckoned with.

This tweet seems to be teasing an appearance in Justice League. It would make sense, but let’s keep in mind that DCU has a record of misusing characters, so… I’m hoping for the best.

6 Queer Characters of Color we should see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel has a huge cinematic and TV universe. From film to Netflix, they got it covered with amazing tales and incredible characters. However, we think it’s time to see more queer characters on the scene, especially more queer characters of color.

So check out this list of some folks we should see soon.


America Chavez (Miss America)

America has an interesting background that mixes space, different dimensions and time. We could see her in the Infinity War, GOTG or in Captain Marvel, considering America’s back story. Also, she could pop up in Agents of SHIELD as they start exploring other dimensions.


Xi’an Coy Manh (Karma)

With this talk of a New Mutants film, they better include “Shan”. Her power to possess people is absolutely amazing and her back story… It’s rough, but it could provide an excellent tale of inner strength and resilience. Shan has always been a wise member of any team, so seeing her on screen would be phenomenal!



Miguel Santos (Living Lightning)

Miguel is one of those characters we don’t hear a lot about in the Marvel universe. He’s very powerful though, flying sub-light speeds, invulnerability in his energy form and can manipulate bursts of electricity and electrical fields of varying intensities. Miguel would be an asset to any team, in fact, he’s been an Avenger.



Ren Kimura

The Inhumans are beginning to flourish in the MCU. With new ones appearing regularly, why not add Ren to the mix. Her powers are kind of cool; Ren’s skin on her hands and forearms can transform into to metallic razors. It would neat to see her powers at work.



Timothy Cababa

Tim doesn’t have superpowers, but he works for Tony Stark as a scientist. It would be interesting learn more about Tony’s business through the characters running departments and projects in his name. Tim could be that character. He could be someone useful for the Agents or The Defenders.




If The Runaways series gets picked up, Xavin should on the team. Xavin is a Skrull who’s in an interesting situation. Xavin came to earth to marry Karolina Dean, but Karolina is a lesbian. No biggie for a Skrull, since they are shape shifters. So, Xavin shifts into a Black woman. If done right, Xavin will be a fascinating character to watch. The complexities of being a lesbian/POC/male/female could give us a character so multi-layered and beyond anything we expecting.

Zendaya will be Mary Jane Watson in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Oooh this is hot news!

The Wrap has reveal that Zendaya will be playing Mary Jane Watson in next summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming! Her role has been kept under wraps for a while, but the news is out!

Now, let’s sit back and watch the dudebros cry all over their cheeto-crusted sheets.

The Wrap is the only one reporting this, so I’m seeing this info as a rumor until more sources spread the news.

This Supercut X-Men vs Avengers Trailer is Really Good

The rumors about a X-Men vs Avengers film got some folks excited for the possibilities. So much so, that Screen Rant posted this awesome supercut trailer of the MCU and X-Men films.

Even Deadpool makes an appearance in this ultra-trailer.

Personally, I’m not sold on a X-Men/Avengers film… Unless, Marvel made a deal to recast the X-Men. Then, I’m in!

‘Moonlight’ is the Coming-of-Age Story We’ve Been Looking For

Talented director Barry Jenkins has a new movie coming out and it looks amazing! It’s called Moonlight and it will premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Moonlight is the tender, heartbreaking story of a young man’s struggle to find himself, told across three defining chapters in his life as he experiences the ecstasy, pain, and beauty of falling in love, while grappling with his own sexuality.

Anchored by astonishing performances and the singular vision of filmmaker Barry Jenkins, Moonlight is a groundbreaking exploration of male masculinity—a sensual, intoxicating piece of cinema that uncovers deep truths about the moments that define us, the people who shape us most, and the ache of love that can last a lifetime.

I’m soooo here for this

5 Actors Who Could Be Black Manta

It was revealed that Black Manta will appear in the Aquaman film. Black Manta is the age-old enemy of Aquaman since 1967. The character has gone through a lot of changes, but the neat thing about him is he’s actually Black.

But now, the main question is who could be Black Manta? Here are a few suggestions:



Wesley Snipes
I co-sign on this so hard! Wesley would be a great choice to be Manta. He’s pretty good at being a villain and I think he would add an amazing element to the film.


Adrian Lester
Adrian is a talented actor that has done a multitude of roles over the years. I think his stage experience could really give Manta the edge we’d want to see.


D.B Woodside
I’ve been a fan since he was Principal Wood in Buffy. D.B has that look of a villain. Seeing him in this role could light up the screen. He’s currently on the Fox series, LUCIFER.



Eamonn Walker
Eamonn has a strong presence on the screen. As Manta, Eamonn would give us the arrogance and demeanor we’ve imagined him to be. Plus, Eamonn’s acting chops would enhance Manta into the villain we must see in future films.


Omar Sy
Omar has already played a hero (Bishop), but I think he would do really well as a villain too. Omar’s diverse roles has prepared him to play any part, so why not give him a role like Black Manta? He could possibly knock it out of the park… Or the ocean.