DC Entertainment/Warner Bros, Y’all Are On A 90-Day Improvement Plan!

Some of us have been on an Improvement Plan somewhere in our job life. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a way to give underperforming staff the opportunity to succeed while they are still employed before they are fired. With that said, DC Entertainment/Warner Bros is on a 90-Day Improvement Plan.

I’m placing them on this plan because of the consistent poor choices besetting their overall filmmaking.

Under this document, I have established an action plan for improvement. Please see below.

Performance Improvement Plan
Company: Warner Bros.       Position Title: DC Entertainment

Supervisor:  The Fans

Summary of Performance Expectations/Action Plan:

    • Start respecting and properly developing DC Characters
    • Stick with 85% of the subject material provided by decades of stories told in the DC universe
    • Find competent producers and writers to strengthen the DC Comics brand
    • Develop a two-tier process for reading all scripts of the next wave of DC films
    • Increase the diversity in the writers’ room and production
    • Invest in quality storytelling
    • Allow yourselves more than 6 months to put a film together
    • Reduce Zak Synder’s role to Consultant
    • Reevaluate the current slate of DC films with Geoff Johns
    • Stop trying to be Marvel
    • Create a story, not films full of pretty pictures with no connection between them
    • Take time to understand the DC universe, before writing the script
    • Invite DC Comics writers to review each screenplay
    • Develop a financial plan that factors in realistic profit and loss
    • Find directors and producers who gives a f#$k about the characters

Timeline for Performance Improvement:

This performance improvement plan will be in effect from today through November 10, 2016 
Failure to provide an immediate and sustained improvement in performance may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of fan support.

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