I Heart Stephen Geofferys!

In the 80s, I had a crush of this dorky, cute, funny guy in some of the most fantastic and not so fantastic masterpieces on the screen. His name is Stephen Geofferys, a fairly decent actor and one of the few horror/geek types. He was in the classic Fright Night and 976-Evil, but I fell for him in Fraternity Vacation.

I can’t explain why I was crushing on him, but there was something about his geeky style that was appealing and nice. I felt that he would get me, understand my quirky ways.

Later, I found out about his gay porn venture. I actually saw him in a tape and was truly surprised. But hey, trying something new is an actor’s way, I guess. I wondered what happened for him to make that choice. Not saying it was wrong, but it was an interesting choice.

Anyway, I was glad to hear that he was back in the mainstream. He is a Horror film called Sick Girl that came out a few years ago. I heard it was pretty good so I will check it out.┬áHe also appeared in a few other films as well. I’m hoping for a comeback, because he’s a pretty good actor.

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