5 Actors Who Could Be Black Manta

It was revealed that Black Manta will appear in the Aquaman film. Black Manta is the age-old enemy of Aquaman since 1967. The character has gone through a lot of changes, but the neat thing about him is he’s actually Black.

But now, the main question is who could be Black Manta? Here are a few suggestions:



Wesley Snipes
I co-sign on this so hard! Wesley would be a great choice to be Manta. He’s pretty good at being a villain and I think he would add an amazing element to the film.


Adrian Lester
Adrian is a talented actor that has done a multitude of roles over the years. I think his stage experience could really give Manta the edge we’d want to see.


D.B Woodside
I’ve been a fan since he was Principal Wood in Buffy. D.B has that look of a villain. Seeing him in this role could light up the screen. He’s currently on the Fox series, LUCIFER.



Eamonn Walker
Eamonn has a strong presence on the screen. As Manta, Eamonn would give us the arrogance and demeanor we’ve imagined him to be. Plus, Eamonn’s acting chops would enhance Manta into the villain we must see in future films.


Omar Sy
Omar has already played a hero (Bishop), but I think he would do really well as a villain too. Omar’s diverse roles has prepared him to play any part, so why not give him a role like Black Manta? He could possibly knock it out of the park… Or the ocean.