Diversity in Children’s Books Is Broke AF!

This is so sad to see, fam.

At the 2016 ALA Annual Conference, author Tameka Fryer Brown hosted a panel called, “Celebrating Diversity: The Brown Bookshelf Salutes Great Books for Kids.” In her presentation, Tameka discussed an interesting infographic inspired by Tina Kügler’s 2012 infographic.


This “updated” infographic below displays the sad truth about POCs in children’s books. Please take a look


As you can see, objects and animals are featured more the children of color; and that’s not all. Many children’s books still feature white males as the lead. Plus many of the (published and company supported) writers remain white as well. Just seeing this info really stings, because you see why many kids of color don’t think of themselves as heroes, leaders or beautiful. The lack of visibility in children books sends a strong message that our stories or presence aren’t important.

And when that message is so clear, our kids feel worthless and undervalued. Hopefully, this issue will get better, because this mess right here is completely unacceptable.

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