Shoot ‘Em Up Style: Overwatch Review

From the first moment I loaded Overwatch and the thunderous John Williams like music boomed from my TV, I knew this game was not your typical first person shooter.


Overwatch is from developer Blizzard Entertainment, most famous for World of Warcraft and Diablo. It was released on 05/14 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game pits players on teams of six into competitive modes on exotic locales throughout the world. At first, the game has a level of simplicity that appears to be behind the time of modern day first person shooter, however I was so wrong.

Overwatch has a very deep gameplay that’s not found in today’s FPS’s. With a roster of over 15 shooters each with different abilities, the game is completely unique in every way. In fact, it brings something new to  FPS.


Characters are split into four different categories: offense, defense, support, and tank. Players can swap different heroes on the fly in combat after death, whether it be the French speaking sniper, Widowmaker, or if you need a healer in the way of Mercy. Changing heroes during the middle of a battle can literally mean the difference between victory and defeat.


What I believed to be one of the greatest accomplishments Overwatch achieved was the inclusion of so many different women. Recently game developers have come under justifiable scrutiny for not including women as playable characters.

Developers at Ubisoft, creator of the Assassin Creed series, mentioned in a 2014 interview that creating main protagonist women characters are “too difficult to animate.” Which is particularly “interesting “considering they’re the same company that created Assassin Creed: Liberation which featured a woman as the main protagonist. There have been many games as the main characters, but that is another story.

However, what’s missing from their roster of badass women is a Black female character.  Hopefully, this will change in the updated versions.

The gameplay is fast and the graphics pop out like a fluid Japanese inspired cartoon. With more content and characters on the way, Overwatch will be played throughout much of the year. It is very much a contender for game of the year by many.

Written by Nick Porter