5 Must See Stranger Things Team-Ups

Many of us are gagging over Netflix’s summer series, Stranger Things. The supernatural/horror/Sci-Fi masterpiece  was created by the Duffer Brothers. It’s everything a lot geeks of a certain generation loved about the 80s movies, especially the Stephen King/Steven Spielberg era. It’s has mystery, horror, teen drama and weird science stuff (basically a geek-a-rama)

But what if we took it a few steps further and created possible team-ups with other characters from some of our favorite 80s films? Sounds crazy, but just come along with me for a bit.


  • The Goonies – This team-up could be amazing! This group gets together to discover some ancient-mysterious mountain filled with some alien race treasures and weapons. They could be fighting small town crooks or some Black Market squad, maybe meeting some teen aliens along the way.
  • Gremlins – This could be a crazy mess, but it would be a fun to watch. Imagine the ST team are trying to protect their town from mutated horde of mogwai. Think about all of the things they could discover about the origins of the mogwai. We never got any type history about the mythical creature. Maybe this team-up could explore that.


    • Firestarter– What if the scientists of the Hawkins Laboratory were working with the scientists from The Shop? Since they kinda had the same evil plan, it’s easy to see how Charlie McGee and Eleven could be friends. Plus, the guys could act as big brothers to Charlie.
    • The Lost Boys – The Frog brothers, Sam, and our D&D players teaming up to stop vampires. Pure nerdom at its best.


  • Explorers– This team-up could be the ultimate team-up! In this film, three kids build a spaceship and explore new worlds. If the ST teens joined them, imagine the possibilities. And imagine the connection Eleven could make with Wak and Neek.