Queer Characters of Color in Horror… Belle from Fight Night 2

There are not many queer folks of color in Horror. There are a few here and waaaaay over there, but nothing consistent. However, when we do represent, we make a lasting impression.


One of the biggest queer Horror characters that always sticks with me is Belle from the original Fright Night 2. Belle was an unique and fascinating character in this film. Belle was an androgynous, maybe Trans, sexy and mysterious vampire that stole every scene.


Draped in high fashion, Belle was hard to ignore.

For me, to see a Black character like Belle was everything! I was in awe of this vampire in so many ways. Besides the hair and the fashion, Belle was deadly AF! The scene where Belle attacks a student on roller skates is so iconic! The serpentine movements and Belle’s look in at scene made me a fan for life.

The actor who played Belle, was Russell Clark. Russell was a choreographer who worked on many films and projects like: Xanadu, Blade Runner, Earth Girls Are Easy, Teen Witch, House Party 3, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and Vamp.

Sadly, we lost Russell in 2002 to cancer but his work, especially as the character Belle, will always live on.